Our education department mission is to “Provide the global football community with comprehensive opportunities to develop competencies in football”.

Primary areas of focus:

  • Coaching principles and fundamentals
  • General scouting principles (Testing, Measurement, and Evaluation)
  • Advanced scouting principles (Position Specific & Additional Factors)
  • Opportunities to apply this knowledge in American led Global events (Camps & Combines)
  • Opportunities to apply this knowledge in American programs
  • Comprehensive scouting certification program

The ALL22 Education department focuses not only on online learning but also, hands on field work at ALL22 combines/events/scouting school.  The current annual course sequence is as follows:

Spring – Introduction to Scouting
Fall – CFL Scouting Course
Winter – Global Scouting Course
Summer – Advanced Scouting Skills

Global Team Management Course