ALL22 Features

Search & Advanced Searches

Quickly reduce 30,000+ global players to your perfect roster fit using our advanced analytic filters and tools. ALL22 allow you to access verified data to sort players based on your own criteria, or the customized guidelines of our NFL/CFL scouting personnel. 

Save time by viewing Player Interest Surveys to discover preferred destinations and interests on various player profiles. 

Player Profile

Data on four pillars of scouting:

    • Player Bio – Background information data collected and organized by Global Scouting Network trained scouts.
    • Player Videos – Multiple views of a player including highlights, cut-ups, critical plays, interviews and filmed combine events all available for a more holistic view of the player.
    • Player Testing – Verified testing data collected from combine events worldwide to give maximum insight on potential athleticism.
    • Player Psychology – The Ryzer Mindset TAPP test results included for all subscribed players which gives insight to the mental edge for each athlete.

Player Comparisons

Using advanced analytics exclusive to the Pro football industry – Compare the testing and psychological results of prospects you’ve identified to the aggregate testing results of prospects all over the world.


Evaluate and grade prospects’ film with NFL criteria to create custom Prospect Boards. Discover and utilize the “funnel structure” used at the Pro level, tailored for your global success.

Team Rosters

Stay on top of your own players and prospects with our customizable Roster feature. Evaluate and track players with Pro roster building criteria, designed to fit your league.

Depth Charts (Coming soon!)

Utilize the All22 Depth Chart to explore different line-ups and various personnel assortments to ensure the competitive edge for your team.