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Pro scouting report:
Receive an evaluation from an NFL/CFL experienced scout provided in an advisory report in a NFL format

Personal scouting consultation:
An NFL/CFL experienced scout will review and explain the most critical points on your Advisory Scouting Report.

Analytics chart:
Full breakdown of how your testing and measurements compare to all top athletes in various leagues around the world.

Pro scout player report
Personal scouting consultation
Development plan
Analytics chart
Professional highlight film
Game cut-ups
Video scouting report

Player FAQ

What is All22?

ALL22 is a one stop shop for players and teams to share verified information and find the right fit.

Claim profile –

1) Go to

2) Click “Purchase Membership”

3) Fill out information until you reach the payment screen. At that point you can stop if you are just wanting to claim free profile or proceed to purchase the upgraded membership.

4) An email will be sent with login information to access profile.

For players who are really looking to take the next step, you can upgrade to include many more services.

– Higher exposure on the platform and part of specific “hotlists” lists that are sent directly to teams.

– Instant access to the Ryzer TAP test which is an athlete personality test designed to give the player (and teams) a good look at psychological strengths. Teams LOVE to see this. ($70 value)

– A chance to go to the US for training at the AIA speed and strength camp ( as well as US combine events to compete against draft eligible players in the States.

– Global team list with more advanced information coming to the platform soon.

Your All22 profile provides coaches many methods of getting in contact with you, including mobile phone number, email, and personal social media platforms. Having an up-to-date active mobile phone number and email allows for the best form of communication. Coaches and scouts also have access to connect and contact you on all your social media platforms.

Many teams have individual custom player accommodation packages to best suit a player’s situation or needs on and off of the field. Not only do teams and organizations only pay their players but they provide the ability for housing, insurance, transportation.  This is on top of the personal health, training facilities and a salary.

All 22 offers a wide array of options for coaches to scout and review your profile on the scouting network. Keeping an up to date profile with consistent current game film, contact info and any recent awards or recognition. In addition, the more you update your profile, the higher your visibility will be. Lastly, upgrading your account will make you eligible to be included on “hot lists” that are provided directly to teams twice per month.

Be sure to watch the player reference video to ensure you get all the benefits of your ALL22 profile (link below).