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Team Builder

Best Value

$200/per year

Search our database of +30,000 players:
Search/filter/compare player's data based on your own criteria, or the guidelines of our NFL/CFL scouting personnel.

Using advanced analytics:
Compare the testing results of prospects you have identified as qualified against testing results of prospects all over the world.

Stay on top of your own players:
Using our customizable Roster feature. Evaluate and track players with professional roster criteria designed to fit your league.

Reduce 30,000+ global players to your perfect roster fit
Evaluate and grade prospects film with NFL criteria
View Player Interest Surveys to discover preferred destinations and interests on various player profiles
Access to NFL/CFL experienced scout reports on various prospects

Team Management


$1500/per year

Includes all features in the Team Builder Package, plus:

Exclusive Player "hot lists":
- Global born college player list
- US college all-star game player list
- Imports per country list
- Global born pro player list
- Global college prospect list

Access to NFL/CFL experienced scouts for psychological profiles, durability context and further background information on your identified prospects

Leverage the scouting expertise and All22 technology to maximize success for your franchise
Use advanced analytics exclusive to the Pro football industry
View film cut ups on players to contrast their best and worst plays from full game situations
Evaluation and analytic-driven player lists

Team FAQ

What is All22?

ALL22 is a one stop shop for players and teams to share verified information and find the right fit.

All data is collected from NFL/CFL certified events or personally by a trained ALL22 scout to ensure that every piece of information is accurate and reliable. All22s verified data creates a centralized platform for coaches to access and use to aid in the scouting decision making process.

Four of the five primary pillars of scouting. This includes biographical info, film, testing/measurements and psychology in addition to supporting player reports, contact info, etc.

Our platform has extensive filters allowing you to narrow down over 30,000 players to a handful within seconds for the best decision. Some examples of unique search capabilities include: Visa status, player interests, psychological testing results, athletic metrics, etc.

The ALL22 platform was designed with NFL level team management tools that help front offices manage developmental players, active rosters and depth charts. Additionally, you have access to evaluation tools, video packages and other NFL Scouting related resources all ready for use at your fingertips.

All22 offers a wide array of lenses to breakdown and analyze a player. A players profile is broken down into 4 key components:

  1. Testing Tab includes all pro day and combine numbers verified by our NFL certified scouts. Even including the comparison of a global, nfl, or cfl archetype player side by side.
  2. Video Film, players have the capability to upload game, pro day, or combine videos for you, the coach, to take a deeper visual breakdown of a player.
  3. Reports and Grading, this is the tab to look out for. Here you find All 22 scouts written and crossed checked to ensure full evaluation of a player.
  4. Biographical and psychological (Ryzer), this is the more personal information to break down a player. Additionally you are able to visualize how a player will adapt in different environments. This can be a valuable tool for evaluating different options and making informed decisions. As well an indepth look into a players psychological mental toughness, coachability, and their field composure.

Yes, ALL22 provides social media and direct contact options for all players in the database.

ALL22 is designed to handle the “grunt work” in scouting so that individual team scouts/coaches can focus on the more valuable player evaluation components. Our scouts provide NFL level tools and data globally at a very small fraction of the cost of what the NFL spends annually.