ALL22 The Global Scouting Network


Our Video Department at ALL22 – The Global Scouting Network has a simple and straight forward mission, to create content to help best evaluate players. Working closely with our scouting department, we are able to compile videos that demonstrate a players strengths and weaknesses in a concise and direct manner. We also cater directly to clients, producing highlight tapes and scouting videos which will catch the eye of decisions makers all around the world. Our goal will always be to grow the game by connecting Players, Agents and Teams with each other using un-biased and impactful information.

Let us help you with:

Prospect Video Breakdown
Receive comprehensive video breakdowns from our scouting certified video staff. Video package includes:

  • Video Scouting Report: Comprehensive video evaluation incorporating audio breakdown from our certified scouts. Our team will make a reliable assessment of what you do best as a prospect and what aspects you need to improve to achieve your goals, all reviewed by NFL/CFL experienced scouts.
  • Professional Highlight Film: Your most impactful plays complimented with background music, graphics and information to maximize you and your career.

League Data Assist
The All22 Video Department works directly with your organization or league to customize a film data assist that we chart and input for you weekly. Your Data Breakdown is returned complete within 48 hours of submitting your previous week’s game film.  Your team collaborates with our staff throughout the process, with agreed upon data areas before your season begins. All22 Video Assistants are trained and instructed by our NFL/CFL experienced scouts to improve their football knowledge and optimize your data experience.

Potential data input areas, subject to customization with your team or league:

  • Production stats (Total yards, Total TDs, Passing Yards, Passing Attempts, Passing Completions, INT, Fumbles Lost, Passing TDs, Passing Pct, Passing Average, Rushing yards, Rushing Attempts, Rushing TDs, Yards/Carry, Reception Yards, Receptions, Receiving TDs, Yards/Reception, Total Tackles, Missed Tackles, Sacks, Fumbles Forced, Fumbles Recovered by Defense, Interceptions by Defense, TD by Defense, Field Goals Attempt, Field Goals Made, FG Pct, XP Attempt, XP Made, XP Pct)
  • ODK, Down and Distance, Gain/Loss, Hash, Play Direction, Play Type, Result.

If you have any interest in video support or player film please contact us on social media or via email at: